Our Story

Mirchi Meat & Deli started as an initiative first and foremost to educate our local community on the spiritual and physical health benefits of eating Halal Tayyib (Pure) food. The practice of using food as a tool to improve your spiritual and general well being. With that concept and over 16 years of experience in the food industry we opened Mirchi Meat & Deli. A family owned and operated business that focuses on quality and makes it our absolute priority in everything that we do. For example all of our deli meats are cured and made in house NEVER in a processing plant or with added nitrates & preservatives. This is just one of the steps we take to make sure we offer you what we would offer to our own families.

Since our launch we have been working on ways to reach our greater community within the United States and offer them the highest quality Tayyib meat available to us. For this reason we are now offering online orders and shipping all across the USA straight from our butcher shop. All our halal meat is 100% Hand Slaughtered by a Muslim Slaughterman and preperad fresh in our local butchershop. We hold all our suppliers to very strict guidelines that we put in place with the guidance of the Islamic Sharia Law as well as guidance from our various Halal Certifiers.